Banska Stiavnica Jewish Cemetery

The Jewish cemetery in Banska Stiavnica, a historic town in the center of the Slovak Republic, approximately a two and a half hour drive from Bratislava, is a listed UNESCO site. Surrounded by a stone wall, the cemetery is situated on a prominent hillside. The dome on top of a modest concrete building located near the entrance highlights the site’s location from key vantage points in the town. Two hundred twenty-eight individuals, now all named and documented, are buried in the cemetery. The cemetery attracts tourists visiting Banska Stiavnica.

Prior to World War II, the Jewish community comprised a substantial portion of the town’s population. The majority of the Jewish inhabitants were sent to Nazi German concentration camps and killing centers during the Holocaust. Only 15 of 700 Jewish inhabitants returned to the town after the war. Most of these immigrated to what is now Israel soon afterwards. The cemetery is almost the only visible evidence in the town of the Jewish community that once lived there.

The funds for the restoration were raised by then Commission Member Peter P. Hawryluk.