Mass Grave Sites

Commission Member Harley Lippman is responsible for funding the identification and marking of a number of Holocaust mass graves in Poland. The Commission is working with a Warsaw-based organization, "The Lasting Memory Foundation" and Chief Rabbi of Poland Michael Schudrich to locate the graves of Jews killed by German troops and to install monuments at the sites. The 10 sites erected to date are made out of black granite have been placed in Wolska Dabrow,Kaplonosy, Strzelce, Wolka Dobrynska, Busno, Muszyki, two sites in Luta, 2 sites in Leokadia, Klementowice, and Cichoborz.


The identification of the sites is documented in a film Lippman made possible. The documentary follows a Polish Catholic man who travels around Poland by bicycle to locate the mass graves. It includes eyewitness accounts and commentaries by Holocaust experts.