Kielce Pogrom Memorial

The Commission funded this memorial to the Jews killed when they returned to the city following the Holocaust.

Before the Holocaust, 21,000 Jews lived in Kielce, Poland. Those who survived returned, hoping to find loved ones and rebuild their lives. Upon their return, a false rumor that Jews kidnapped a Christian boy ignited a frenzy of hate on July 4,1946. More than 40 Jews were  were murdered in a building in which they took refuge. Additional killings occurred else where around Kielce. The attacks helped convince Holocaust survivors throughout Eastern Europe that it was not safe to return to their homes and that they should immigrate to Palestine, the U.S., or other countries.


In 2006, a memorial was built with funds raised by then Commission Chairman Warren Miller with support from the mayor and city council of Kielce.


On the 60th anniversary of the pogrom, then Chairman Miller delivered remarks at a dedication attended by Poland’s foreign minister and deputy minister.

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