Yurburg Jewish Cemetery

On June 22, 1941, Nazi german forces launched Operation Barbarossa, invading the Soviet Union. One of the first locations they overran was the town of Yurburg (Jubarkas), Lithuania. Shortly afterwards the Nazis began to murder Yurburg's Jewish population near a Jewish cemetery. Within weeks, the Jewish community, with centuries of roots in Yurburg, was annihilated.

Through the initiative of survivor families living in the United States and Canada, operating as Friends of the Yurburg Cemetery, Inc., the cemetery was restored. The effort had the support of the Yurburg municipal council and the Jewish community of Kovno (Kaunas).

The project included construction of an entrance gate, fencing, repair and re-erection of headstones, cataloging and mapping of graves, cleanup, landscaping, and maintenance. In November 2006, the entrance gate was completed. The Dartmouth College Hillel lent substantial assistance to the project, sending student volunteers to Yurburg in June, 2007.

The Commission helped finance the project.