Philip Mazzei Memorial

Many of the heroes of the American Revolution were foreign-born and raised. Historians have long recorded with interest the contributions of German, French, Polish, Italian, and other nationals who fought and died on behalf of the cause of America’s liberty. The Commission was directed by Congress to conduct a preliminary survey of sites associated with these heroes. It identified 21 heroes and 16 other notable individuals. It also identified 52 sites associated with these people who helped the independence of what is now the United States.


The Commission completed a project to remember one of these heroes in his hometown. In 2008, the Commission funded a memorial to Philip Mazzei in his birthplace of Poggio-a-Caiano, Italy. The funds for this memorial were generated by Commission Member Tyrone Fahner and the American Society of the Italian Legions of Merit. The project was an initiative of New York State Supreme Court Justice Dominic R. Massaro.