Estonia Holocaust Markers

Commission Member Lee Seeman and then Member Gary J. Lavine led a Commission initiative in partnership with the British Holocaust Education Trust to memorialize the site of Nazi German camps and mass graves in Estonia. While some sites had markers, none accurately described what happened at the site. With the Soviet occupation of Estonia in the summer of 1940, all Jewish organizations and businesses were closed. In June 1941, several hundred Jews were deported. After the German occupation later that year, all of the Jews who had failed to flee were murdered. The Nazis then transported tens of thousands of Jews from other European countries to Estonian labor camps.

In addition to raising funds for the project, Lavine and Seeman worked closely with the leaders of the Jewish Community of Estonia and the Government of Estonia to implement it. Markers were placed at camp sites in Aseri, Ereda, Kivioli, Kholta-Nomme, Klooga, Metaskalmistu, Soska, and Vaivara, Estonia.


To the left is a picture of Commission Members Seeman and Lavine (center) during the dedication of the memorial.