Commission Members

The Commission consists of 21 members appointed by the President of the United States. Of these, seven are appointed after consultation with the Speaker of the House of Representatives and seven are appointed after consultation with the President Pro Tempore of the Senate, with three of each seven by tradition recommended by the minority leaders of each house of the Congress. The President designates a Chair from among the Members. Members are appointed for three-year terms but continue to serve until they are replaced. They are not paid for their service.

Chair and Members


  Starlet "Star" Jones Lugo

    Nancy Berman
    Herbert Block
    Abba Cohen
    Tyrone C. Fahner 
     Emil A. Fish 

   Martin B. Gold
    G. Jonathan Greenwald
    Nicole M. Isaac

    Nancy K. Kaufman

    Harley Lippman 


 Dr. Michael Lozman

 Michael T. Marquardt

 Elizabeth H. Naftali
 Maureen C. Pikarski

 Jonathan J. Rikoon 

Harriet Rotter 
Roselyne Chroman Swig
Hershel Wein
Lesley L. Weiss