Brailov Holocaust Monument

More than half a century ago, the Jewish community of Zmerinka, which is near Brailov, erected a wall and monument  to the Holocaust in Brailov. By 2002, the deteriorated monument and wall were in serious need of restoration.

The Commission assisted in the restoration of the monument to 3,000 Jews killed by Nazi German troops on February 12, 1942. Then Commission Member Ari Storch raised the funds to restore the memorial. Two residents of Massachusetts, Maria and Joseph Lerner, members of the Victims of the Holocaust and Prisoners of the Zmernika Ghetto in Ukraine raised half of the necessary funds.

Of the 3,000 victims, the names of 500 are known. They are inscribed on the monument.

The dedication of the restored monument took place on October 6, 2002. Representatives of the U.S., Israeli, and German embassies in Kiev joined Storch and approximately 200 people in the ceremony. The event was broadcast on Ukrainian television.