Jewish Cemeteries Restoration Initiative

The Commission is assisting the Czech Heritage Action Initiative (CHAI) with the restoration of Jewish cemeteries in the Czech Republic. CHAI is a non-profit organization led by Lisa Feder of Deerfield, IL. It works with the Czech Federation of Jewish Communities. The Federation includes 10 local Jewish communities in the Czech Republic. Other individuals supporting this effort are Rabbi Karol Efraim Sidon, the Chief Rabbi of the Czech Republic, and the Endowment Fund for Holocaust Victims.

CHAI projects that the Commission has helped with include the restoration of Jewish cemeteries in Sušice, Bucovice, Tachov, Cáslav and Velké Mezíríci. The Commission’s assistance includes receiving funds from U.S. donors and transmitting the donations to the local Jewish communities, which restore the cemeteries.

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